Creatively Linked Spotlight- Jocelyn

Hello lovely readers,  welcome to Creatively Linked!  Creatively Linked is a place where I spotlight women from around the world and share their creative talents and stories. This month I am super excited to share a dear friend of mine named Jocelyn.  She is super sweet, talented, gorgeous and she has a huge heart for … Continue reading Creatively Linked Spotlight- Jocelyn

Spotlight of the week- Luisa

 Hi lovely people, thank you for stopping by my blog! You will be so happy you stopped by because this week's spotlight is going to Luisa! Luisa and I actually became great friends this year through Instagram! Who would have thought, right? It's so nice to meet other women who are all about supporting eachother! … Continue reading Spotlight of the week- Luisa

Spotlight of the Week- Ariann

     Welcome back friends and thanks for checking out this week's amazing spotlight. This week is all about Ariann!  She is a great friend of mine and has a wonderful, captivating story; which I am very excited to share it with you!     Ariann is elegant, intelligent, creative & talented!  Something that I … Continue reading Spotlight of the Week- Ariann