Creatively Linked Spotlight – Jessica

     Hey friends! Welcome back to Creatively Linked!  If this is your first time stoping by thank you so much for visiting my blog! Creatively Linked is a place where I spotlight women from around the world & share their creative talents & stories. This month I will be featuring the beautiful, determined & inspiring Jessica. I was introduced to Jessica by my friend Symone (formally featured on Creatively Linked).  She stated Jessica is such a dope woman who is killing the game both professionally and personally.  I am literally so glad that she referred Jessica to be a spotlight because I could not agree more with her! Jessica is a major BOSS BABE  who inspires anyone she comes in contact with and I am so excited for you to learn more about her. 

cropped-cl-f-convert-2.jpg       Jessica has her own personal training business called Body Image Fitness located in Mesa, AZ.  She provides training services and gives so much motivation to everyone around her.  She shared that she “loves creating workouts and workout plans for people to reach their health and fitness goals!” Creatively Linked JessicaI recently started following Jessica on Instagram and man… she is total GOALS! If you need motivation to get to the gym just go look at Jessica’s instagram and you will not want to skip the gym!  She also shares some bomb recipes as well so its the best of both worlds!  Jessica shared that the goal for her business is to change people’s lives for the better. “That’s why I became a personal trainer. I want to create a positive impact on the body image that people have on themselves. I want to not only change their physical appearance, but change the way they think and view themselves.”  You guys…this is the type of trainer you want!  Someone who really cares about their clients and wants to help them not only physically but mentally as well; this is such a gift to find in a personal trainer. If you are looking for a trainer in Arizona I would recommend you contact Jessica, I mean come on! Look at the abs on this chick?!

     Just like anyone else, she had fears before taking the risk of starting her own business. She stated “not succeeding was a big fear of mine, not being able to retain clientele.  I knew that great risk came with great reward, so I quit my corporate job and went full time in my own personal training business. I decided I would never know if I could succeed if I didn’t try.”  Can you say #BossBabe? I truly love hearing this, it is so inspiring to see women taking the leap of faith and going after their dreams in a big way.  I personally admire her so much for leaving her corporate job and starting her own business because that is HARD WORK! It takes so much courage and determination to do this.. so lets just say I am absolutely inspired! You go girl!

   Jessica shared some of her favorite & best accomplishments are giving birth to her two perfect baby girls. “They’re my world! But my favorite accomplishment as a personal trainer has been the changing lives part. I’ve seen so much success with my clients and a lot of it is how they view themselves. I live for the self-confidence I see that my training helped develop!” unnamed-9It is beautiful to hear that she is able to change so many individuals lives through health & fitness.  Our health is really one the most important things in life so we must make sure to take care of it.  Jessica also shared her personal goals in life are to constantly better herself mentally and physically and to be the best mom/wife she can be every day.

      I asked Jessica if what she is doing now what she always wanted to do growing up? She replied “kind of… when I was really little, I thought I was going to be a professional color-er. Haha Then it was the WNBA for sure. But when the realistic goals kicked in, I knew I wanted to do something in the health and wellness field. Originally I wanted to become a physical therapist. But in college, I realized how much I loved the preventative care side of personal training and stuck with it. The human body has been an interest of mine since I was about 10 years old though.”  I love asking this question because a lot of times people usually end up doing something that relates to what their hearts were always gravitated to as children/teens. As she stated she was always very interested in the human body and it is so cool now to see that she is helping all types of people with getting their body & mind healthy.

      If you could go back in time and speak to yourself when you were a child, what advice would you give? It’s a good question to think about, right?  Well Jessica shared the advice she would give herself is to “choose great friends; surround yourself with people who motivate you and lift you up and don’t care what people think of you. The people who love you most will be there in the end if you stay true to yourself.”


Jessica’s favorite quote: 

 “When motivation dies, discipline must take it’s place.”

Jessica’s mission statement for her life: 

 “To wake up every day with the purpose and goals in mind to better myself in every way. To also be the best version of me for my family, friends and clients.”

Creatively Linked- Jessica

Fun Facts about Jessica

  • What skill would you like to master?  “Hmm…any skill? Probably snowboarding, or sewing. Two complete opposites. haha But snowboarding would be a blast and sewing would come in handy a ton with two girls!

  • If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with your extra time?CLEAN AND ORGANIZE! Seriously. With running my business and being a full time wife and mom to a 2.5 year old and 4 month old, I dream of extra time in the day just to organize my house.”

  • If someone heard your favorite playlist on Apple music or Spotify – how would they describe you?Random. It will be country one second to 2000 hip hop and rap to Disney classics. My life in a nutshell! ”

  • Who is really inspiring you lately?  “Other people reaching their goals! I love to see people succeeding on social media. Podcasts also are really inspiring to me. One of my favorites is “Real Chalk”. My other inspirations are my girls. I want to show them that they can accomplish anything that they set their mind to.”

  • What is your favorite trait about yourself?  “My discipline. If I put my mind to it and want something, I will get it no matter what. I believe you can make the life you want to live no matter the circumstances.”

Creatively Linked Spotlight

           I asked Jessica to share any last words that she wanted to leave you all with and she stated: “I think what I want most women to know is it is possible to be a great mom and wife and still take care of yourself and feel good. Mom guilt is so real and worse with social media making us all feel inadequate. Make time for yourself. The happier you are, the better mom/wife you will be & that doesn’t make you selfish! Everyone deserves at least an hour a day to work on themselves. And one last thing- stop shaming other women. If someone wants to get their body back after a baby, that doesn’t make them a bad mom. If another women doesn’t want to, that doesn’t make her a bad mom either. Let everyone do what makes them happy and stop passing judgement.”  I am so thankful that Jessica shared this because I totally agree with her.  Her words of wisdom speak volumes to more than just mama’s this can go for anyone as well. Always take time to breathe and do things that make your soul happy without feeling guilty about it. Jessica, thank you for the great reminder.  Jessica, you are definitely Creatively Linked!  


Instagram: @BodyImageFitness

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 Facebook: Body Image Fitness

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  1. Definitely enjoyed Jessicas Story, very inspirational:) Great job Sabrina!

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  2. Jessica is an inspiration and has been instrumental in helping people achieve their health goals. She is a dedicated wife mother and trainer! Thank you for sharing this inspiring interviews!!

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