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    Hi babes, welcome back to Creatively Linked!  If this is your first time visiting thank you so much for stopping by! Creatively Linked is a place where I spotlight women from around the world to share their creative talents & stories with you all!  This spotlight is dedicated to a very inspiring, beautiful & strong woman named Michelle. This girl is the true definition of a Boss Babe!  She has accomplished so many achievements and has some amazing talents, I can’t wait for you to meet her!  Now get comfortable and grab some snacks because this one is going to be good! 


     Michelle grew up in La Mirada, California and she has been in sports her whole life. She was actually recruited to swim for Rutgers University in New Jersey.  Michelle shared that she always had a yearning to move out of state for college because she wanted to experience life on her own.  This is already super inspiring that at such a young age she was ready to move to new places & just experience life, I seriously love this! Michelle graduated in 2012 and she was able to live in Philly and Michigan all before she came back home to California. screen shot 2019-01-06 at 12.37.05 pmShe stated the reason she moved back home  was to be closer to her father who had just gone into remission from Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Michelle shared that her father’s cancer is the inspiration for everything she does in life personally and professionally. “If he can manage to be so humble and so strong during his experience then there is no reason why I can’t!” – Michelle.  I can only imagine how hard this can be and I admire how Michelle has taken this unfortunate obstacle in her life and turned it into a blessing, it really is all about outlook– and this girl has an amazing outlook that everyone can learn from! 

   Something that I loved learning about Michelle is that she is a full time crossfitter. How legit is that? She is currently training to make the Crossfit games this year, which is basically the olympics of Crossfit.  Michelle stated “it takes years of hard work to get to this point and I currently train 6 days a week (doubles 3 days a week). It is the best thing I have ever done, it gives me time to dissconnect from work and  get in tune with my body and how amazing it really is.” screen shot 2019-01-06 at 12.37.24 pm I must say, Michelle has so much dedication and discipline in order to work out 6 times a week and doing two a days are no joke! I give her major props for doing that and I know it will pay off when she is at the Crossfit games this year, I really look forward to seeing her crush her fitness goals! You go girl, I am rooting for you! #Crossfitbabe

    Michelle has had many accomplishments in her life but she shared her single best accomplishment has been the successful development of her business Berman Media PD, where she works as a content expert to help mortgage brokers turn their social media following into leads for their business. “Making 6 figures in my first year in business after coming off a very crappy corporate job was also HUGE for me. In 2018 my biggest accomplishment was giving myself permission to truly change my life, my environment as well as get rid of things that weren’t serving my purpose. In doing so I have discovered SO much about myself and am truly whole body happy now!”  Can you say GIRL BOSS?!  I applaud Michelle so much, she was able to create a life she dreamed of and really made her dreams into a reality!  I asked Michelle if she had any fears before she started her entrepreneur career and she shared “I was honestly afraid of disappointing my parents the most. I took a huge risk quitting my reliable job to take on the monster that is entrepreneurship. I had a feeling I could do it better on my own and that my mindset would get me through but I really was petrified I would have to go back to asking for help from my parents. Luckily I didn’t have to and now they couldn’t be happier for me!”  She went on to explain that she actually had her application done and ready to turn in for Law School after graduating college and decided to forgo that to pursue her love of all things social media.  Michelle ended up going on to get a partial masters degree at Kent State University specializing in Social Media Public Relations.  It actually took her 2 months to tell her parents that she was changing her degree in college from Physical Therapy to Journalism and Media studies. “I was worried about being the black sheep of my family. My dad is a bankruptcy specialists with one of the biggest firms in LA, my mom was a paralegal before retiring and my older sister is a High School biology teacher. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be supported for being SO different than what my family had thought I would do. Hence why I also ended up filling out the law school application. But, it was when my father left two books of poetry that he had written while in college for Finance that I had the guts to just follow my passion. I guess you could say I got the recessive genes!”  This is a great story to show that when you are passionate about something and give it 100% you can conquer your fears and crush your goals!  I hope you are taking notes from Michelle to apply to your own life, I know I am! 

   When asked what are your current goals? Michelle replied: “I want to be in a position where I never ever have to worry about buying something. Regardless of what it is or its price. I want to live in cooler weather with a huge fenced in yard for my pups to have free screen shot 2019-01-06 at 12.38.02 pmrain of with a huge wrap around porch that I can sit out on every morning and work from. I want the simple life and I want to know that my man and I can pack our bags and travel to anywhere in the world whenever we want because we aren’t tied down to a location for work.  –Career wise I would love to have a successful course that can help hundreds or thousands of mortgage loan officers and real estate agents across the world as well as have a hugely successful influencer network on the large Instagram accounts I spent years building. Lastly I would love my Mortgage Academy VIP business to continue to blossom as it has!” I know all these things will come true for Michelle because she is a hard worker and will accomplish anything she puts her mind to! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you; girl power all the way!

    As I always say one of my favorite interview questions to ask is; if you could go back in time and speak to your younger self what advice would you tell yourself? I feel like this question really allows for self reflection and emphasizes what they needed when they were growing up. Michelle’s response hit close to home with myself, she said “I would tell myself to stop stressing over things that had already happened to me. I spent so much energy growing up being SO worried about things that had happened that it would debilitate me from getting anything done that was actually productive for days sometimes. As I have gotten older I have really learned to do this and I find myself learning from my mistakes more effectively and making better and better choices about how to approach whatever the issue is in the future.”  I love that she has figured out what her limiting beliefs were and she has gotten her self out of that mindset!



Michelle’s favorite quote: 

“Nurture your mind because you will never go any higher than you can think.”


Michelle’s mission statement for her life: 

“To inspire people to believe that their past should stay there, and that their futures are capable of being better than they could have ever imagined.”  &  “To inspire people to believe in the bad ass version of themselves that they have been created to be without the need to compare to others.”



Fun facts about Michelle

  • If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with your extra time?  “I would be up in Flagstaff or Payson with my two dogs running wild in the open fields and lakes with them and seeing them SOO happy. When they are happy and smiley and FREE that is when I am the happiest!”
  • If someone heard your favorite playlist on apple music or spotify (etc) how would they describe you? “Emotional and sentimental. I am a huge mix of strong country vibes that help tell the story of how I am actually feeling. I also have a total hype playlist that gets me ready for the gym because being amped up for my type of training on a daily basis is a MUST!”
  • What is really inspiring you lately? “I have been really motivated by “automation” lately. The idea that I can create assets that will work for me and make me money even when I am sleeping is amazing. I have been working very closely with my business coach on developing systems in both part of my business to make this a reality.”
  •  What skill would you like to master? “IGTV. I haven’t even opened this can of worms but I know I need to!  Also the Facebook AD world is something on my list because I want to be able to add this as something I can help my clients with.”
  • Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up? “Honestly no! I swam competitively my entire life and Division 1 for Rutgers University and the entire time I always thought i wanted to be a physical therapist because always being injured made me want to help others like me get better. I actually only looked at colleges to swim for that had great PT programs!”


   Michelle is a woman full of determination, wisdom and amazing talent!  It is a true honor to be able to share her story. I have learned so much from her,  from how she changed her outlook to see things more positively to how she overcame her fears and chased her dreams to create her own business.  I can’t wait to work with her in the future and watch her crush her goals in 2019! Michelle is beautiful, intelligent, full of drive & she is undoubtably #Creatively Linked!  


Michelle’s website

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Michelle’s Instagram

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  1. Wow! This was such an Inspiring interview… God bless Michelle as she continues pursuing her future goals. Great Story Brina, keep sharing the Love!💗

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