Spotlight of the Month- Sheree

   Hi lovely people, welcome back to Creatively Linked; a place where I spotlight women from around the world and share their creative talents and stories with you all!  This month I will be featuring the lovely Sheree, this girl is truly amazing! She is beyond talented, brilliant and extremely gorgeous! I actually met Sheree back in college through a mutual friend and I still to this day remember her sweet spirit, I can’t wait for you all to get to know her.  In this interview you will learn what Sheree is passionate about, how she is totally killing it at life and how she started her own cake decorating business! 


   Do you love cake just as much as I do?  If so you are in luck, this boss babe created and owns her own cake decorating business called My Sweet Amour where you can get all your bakery goods from cupcakes, cakes and much more!  Sheree shared her creative talent is undoubtably baking and decorating cakes & I would totally agree, she has created some incredible cakes! The decor & quality is beautiful and they look so delicious!  I am going to put an order in for a future cheat day lol 🙂 In addition to that she also works full-time as a Supervisor at a nonprofit organization. Sheree shared that the nonprofit organization is devoted to Shereeearly childhood education; she currently is on an assessment team that is working diligently to improve quality in early childhood settings.  So awesome right? Children are our future and I am so glad that Sheree is working with the children in our community.  I also find it so impressive that she is able to balance both careers at once! #MajorBossBabeVibes!  

    She started her business My Sweet Amour three years ago, and it has been such a great and adventurous experience for her. Running a business is very tough and it takes a lot of determination and grit and this girl has what it takes! I asked Sheree to share what her fears have been with starting the business and she gave such amazing wisdom in her response: My fears were, and still are, that I would not be successful in my new venture. I knew I loved to bake and more than that, I loved decorating. People around me suggested and encouraged me to make a business out of it, but I was unsure what it would look like, did not know the first thing about starting or owning a business, and how I would fit the new venture into my life. I was unsure of all the steps I needed to make it “official.” I find that most things, most big decisions, require you to leap without fully knowing what is at the end or what it might look like. Big decisions require you to adapt with each season, be okay with “getting it wrong,” and asking for help along the way. I image4work through my fears by allowing my business to be what it is, to take it at the pace that it is going, and to enjoy each season. I think it’s okay to want to be wildly successful from the very beginning, but that is often not the case. I’ve had to really take a look at what “success” means for me and I have to understand that it is going to look different for me. ”  

    Wow, Sheree could not have said this any better, I am sure any fellow business owners are nodding their heads as they read through that, I know I was!  I loved that she touched on enjoying each season and re-evaluating what success means to you, that is so huge!  Another great point that I totally related to was how she said you don’t need to have everything figured out to start — and most of the time you just need to take the leap of faith.  She literally shared so much wisdom and I am so grateful that she did.  It is so nice to talk to women who are going out in life and taking risks to follow theirs dreams– that stuff really ignites my soul! (side note: yes that is one of Sheree’s cake’s you see pictured above that looks like pancakes!!) When I saw this picture I literally thought it was pancakes, it looks so real and I am so impressed! I am actually over here drooling over that cake! LOL,  watch the slideshow below showing more of her talented work and don’t forget to contact Sheree for all your bakery needs, you wont regret it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    When I asked Sheree “is what your doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?” She stated:  “sort of! When I was a child, I wanted to be a gymnast and a teacher. I also briefly wanted to be a pediatrician and then realized I don’t like the sight of blood, so there that went! I’m definitely not a gymnast, but my degrees are in education and I spent many years in the classroom in several different settings. I currently work for a non-profit organization that is devoted to early childhood education.  As far as cake decorating, I fell in love with it many years before I ever took a class or tried it. I am a cake connoisseur (read: I love to eat cake!) and would always look at birthday cakes and think, “I can do that!” I grew up baking with my mom, but had never tackled the decorating side. I was immediately hooked from my first decorating class!” 

    Sheree shared that her current goals are to make a living doing something that she loves & something that she is passionate about. Whatever that may look like.  She would love to have a bakery with staff and the ability to decorate on her own schedule! She also shared that she wants to be a mom one day.  I know that Sheree will accomplish these goals & beautiful life events and I am looking forward to see her thrive at them all! Sheree stated her best and most favorite accomplishments are “each cake I decorate and each order I fulfill is inevitably a huge accomplishment for me! There is a lot of work (and teachers sometimes!) that goes into each cake, I’m always so excited and feel a huge sense of pride when one is complete. Aside from that, getting my Master’s degree at Vanderbilt was a huge accomplishment and I was recently promoted to a supervisor position at my job!”  image9 I love that she stated every cake she makes is a great accomplishment for her, you can tell she truly loves what she is doing and that makes me happy! You are major GOALS girl!  Also I can’t forget to mention how impressive it is that she has a Master’s degree from Vanderbilt #Beauty&Brains! Don’t forget to leave a comment and congratulate Sheree on her new promotion! Girl, you are killing it!

   If Sheree could go back in time and speak to herself when she was a child she would tell herself : “other people’s opinions don’t matter, you are worthy in every possible way, that your future is bright and better than you could imagine, that you are capable. I would tell her to focus on the good people in her life and let the other ones go. I would tell her to chase her dreams at all costs, to never settle for less than she deserves, and to wear “the” outfit if she feels good in it! I would tell her that the crowd of people laughing is probably not laughing at her and to be confident in who she is. I tell her that who she is, is EXACTLY, how God made her to be and to walk in that truth. Truthfully…these are the things I still speak over myself!”  



Sheree’s mission statement for her life is: 

“Do you know that nothing you do in this life will ever matter, unless it is about loving God and loving the people he has made.” Everything you do in this life, no matter what it might look like, should always come back to those to things. In every decision, am I loving God and loving his people?”

– Francis Chan

Sheree’s favorite quote is: 

“What if I fall? Oh my darling. What if you fly?”

-Erin Hansen

–Sheree shared that this quote is her screen saver on her computer and it’s printed on her planner. “It encourages me to believe in myself, to believe the best possible outcome in each and every decision that I make. I’m inclined to come up with every possible thing that could go wrong and so many reasons not to do something and the quote, to me, embodies the endless other positive possibilities.”

sheree5 copy

Fun facts about Sheree

  • What skill would you like to master? “I would love to learn Spanish and sign language! I would also love to hone my decorating skills, fondant sculpturing, learn to airbrush cakes, etc. I know for sure there are so many things I have not mastered yet.”
  • Who is really inspiring you lately? “Everyone standing up for what they believe in and standing up for the truth are totally inspiring me right now. Everyone coming forward in the #metoo movement, all the children standing up in the #anytown movement to inform gun control laws, and all the teachers and educators standing up/walking out for their students in the #redfored movement are completely inspiring to me!”
  • If someone heard your favorite playlist on apple music or spotify how would they describe you? “They would describe me as a 90s baby, romantic at the core, who loves rap music, and loves Jesus!”
  • If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with your extra time? “That’s a hard one! I’d like to think I would travel with my extra time, learn another language, read more literature, spend more time with my favorite people, and binge watch more television!”

   It was such a blessing and honor to be able to interview Sheree, she is such beam of light! I personally learned so much from her and I will be using her advice on many things in my life.  She is living proof that women can do anything they set their heart & mind on! With that being said go follow your dreams and don’t ever give up!  Sheree is beautiful, extremely intelligent, insanely talented and 100% Creatively Linked!

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Sheree’s website: My Sweet Amour

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IG: @Shereeangelle

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My Sweet Amour IG: @mysweetamour 

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Facebook: My Sweet Amour

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  1. Wow! Very impressive Young Lady, and Great Interview Sabrina! Keep rockin it!!👍🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼

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  2. Such a beautiful and talented young lady. We are so proud of her!


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