Spotlight of the Month- Dr. Mariah White

     Hi friends and welcome back to Creatively Linked; a place where I spotlight women from around the world and share their creative talents and stories with you all!  I am so excited to share Dr. Mariah’s story, she is such a gem! Mariah is so motivating and she has a huge following throughout her community.  Although I haven’t officially met her in person I totally feel like I got to know her a lot better after this interview! The interview was amazing and her story is so fascinating!  You will learn how she conquered her fears and became a woman with great success and happiness.  You don’t want to miss this one! So, go get comfortable and enjoy!


    Dr. Mariah is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner & a Health and Happiness Coach.   Mariah shared that her creative talent is “empowering and inspiring incredible women to reach for their wildest dreams by choosing to embrace their story and to dream big and dream bold to choose life every single day! That along with being what I like to call a Tiny Human Healer literally lights my entire soul on fire.”unnamed-1  Can you say #GIRLBOSS!? This girl is really living her best life and is such an inspiration.  Mariah is pretty active on social media and she always post positive videos on her Instagram.  One thing I have noticed is that she starts her day way earlier than 30 minutes until she has to get to work (unlike me lol). She gets up early and does her morning work-out and has time to collect her thoughts and listen to positive and inspirational words for the day and then she shares positivity with others via social media. #SUPERWOMAN This is literally so inspirational to me and I am sure it is to others as well! It’s definitely something I personally would like to incorporate into my every day life. You can totally tell Mariah is so happy to just be alive by her sweet spirit and gorgeous smile; I love following her on social media! If you aren’t already following her you need to, I will link her info at the end of this post.

    While talking about Mariah’s jobs I asked her “is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?” She replied “yes, oh my… it completely is my dream. I also wanted to work with kids and I knew at a young age that this is exactly what I wanted to do. The best part is, being a health and happiness coach was just an added bonus. So not only do I get to spend my days healing tiny humans and empowering their parents I get to work with incredible humans to conquer their goals and dreams to get fit in every area of their life.”   As I got to interview and get to know Mariah better I would describe her as one of the most confident women I have met! However that wasn’t always the case for her, she shared her biggest fear was inadequacy.  “I had self-limiting beliefs that I was not enough and that my story did not matter. It wasn’t until I dove head first into personal development and finding my tribe that I realized that my mess is my message and that my story truly matters.”  How motivating is that? unnamed-3I personally am a strong believer that our hardships and messes are really one of the most beautiful things about us as people, because it shows what we have been through and how we have gotten out of the storm.  I am so glad that Mariah shared this because there are so many women (including myself) who deal with these horrible thoughts about themselves and we always think we are alone. I commend her for sharing this and showing us that it is possible to work through and come out on top and persevering in life! Way to go GIRL!  

    Mariah shared her best accomplishment was achieving her Doctorate at 26 years old. “It truly wasn’t the title or the status but the representation that if you set a goal and have a dream that you can achieve anything you put your mind to regardless of your age, gender, or status. Achieving my Doctorate in the midst of absolute turmoil and chaos reaffirmed that God has a plan and purpose to prosper each and every one of us if we just tap into our calling.”  #GOALGETTER    Mariah5This is so awesome and I love to see women truly succeeding and doing the things they set their heart on!  Mariah hit it on the head by saying God has a plan and purpose; and that goes for every single one of you reading this post! God has a great plan for you as well!   Mariah’s goal in life is to just live her best life in her health and happiness. She stated “I was given a second chance at life and all I want to do is live to the fullest while doing what God has intended me to do while I am here. Once you decide to change your mind you actually change your life; when I understood that concept I was able to understand that it was my time to make the rest of my life the best of my life.”  Mariah has such a good mindset and I truly admire her for this!


Mariah’s favorite quote is:

  Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

-Joshua 1:9


Mariah’s mission statement for her life is:

That I was meant to empower and inspire amazing people to dream big and dream bold to choose life every single day to live out their wildest dreams in their health and happiness in order to get fit in every area of their life.

Fun facts about Mariah

  • What skill would you like to master? “I would love to master the skill of giving myself grace. Man can comparison be the thief of joy. When you aren’t looking or when you let your inner mean girl creep in that is when you lose sight of the important mission you are on; so for me I would love to master the art of giving myself grace and remembering that not every day is going to be perfect and life will always have hills and valleys but knowing that I go through things to grow through things.”
  • Who is really inspiring you lately? “Honestly my tribe! My tribe of incredible passionate coaches on a misson to help others in their health and happiness. I swear when you surround yourself with a tribe that makes you better they truly do bring the absolute best out of you!”
  • If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with your extra time?  “I would do exactly what I am doing now; running a business that lights my soul, practicing medicine, and traveling the world.”
  • If someone heard your favorite playlist on apple music or spotify (etc) how would they describe you? “They would call me Christian would a splash of hood! Lol”




   Mariah is a woman full of wisdom and she wanted to leave you all with this “I went from overworked, overweight, depressed, and suicidal to avid self-love guru, passionate motivator, and inspired woman all because of the second chance I was given. When you think about all the incredible things you have ever experienced or went through they all were on the other side of fear. Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real; do not let the fear take you away from your blessing. God places the most incredible things on the other side of fear; but it’s up to you to jump. I promise on the other side of that leap is your best life soul sista. I believe that. I own that. Now it’s time that you do too.”  Wow, what a great way to end this interview I know you all are beyond inspired and are dying to connect with Mariah.  It was such an honor to get to know her better and to be able to share her story!  Mariah is such a beautiful person inside and out, she is extremely intelligent and so sophisticated and she is without a doubt CREATIVELY LINKED!


Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 4.51.07 PM

Instagram- @drfitwhite


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 Mariah’s website




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  1. Love the Fear acronym! Post was definitely motivating!


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