Spotlight of the week- Luisa

 Hi lovely people, thank you for stopping by my blog! You will be so happy you stopped by because this week’s spotlight is going to Luisa! Luisa and I actually became great friends this year through Instagram! Who would have thought, right? It’s so nice to meet other women who are all about supporting eachother! This girl is such a great supporter of Creatively Linked and I am so blessed to have met her! We share ideas and accomplishments and cheer each other on all the time! Its so refreshing to have met a woman like her.  I’m so excited for you to get to know her better, so go grab your snacks and get ready to read my interview with Luisa. 


Lusia’s creative gift is that she is an amazingly talented artist! When you talk to Luisa you feel her passion for art simply by the way she explains and talks about it. She stated “I love art! I love the joy it brings to people not only with just my art but helping others get the experience of creating a vision with a brush.” She currently has her own business called AZLotusArt where she sells her custom art pieces, along with services like commissioned art, face painting, maternity body art, henna, mobile paint parties, & costume make up. She stated “some people are not familiar with the feeling of a brush stroke. They may not know how to start, what to do, or even what to get. I like helping with that. I enjoy the therapy art provides, and I am thankful for my clients who allow me to be part of those special moments.”  unnamed How cool is that? I love that Luisa is so talented but its even more beautiful that she loves to help others with their artwork, that truly shows what a big heart she has! She could easily just create her own pieces and not share her talents and tricks with others but the fact that she does share this and enjoys it is truly an amazing thing! #HeartOfGold

     When I asked Luisa about some of her fears before she started following her goals and dreams she stated as an artist, it is very common to doubt yourself. I didn’t get an art education, it all started with a young girl that loved art. Launching my company full time has been one of the biggest risks I’ve ever taken, but I am ready. I’ve been working full time management jobs for years, and I am taking a leap of faith to pursue my passion full force. A woman that inspires me once said, “The people who take the biggest risks are the most successful” and I believe it.”  Luisa’s current goals right now are to continue to build her company that makes it easy for other people to experience art.  Luisa also shared she would love to eventually own a location where people can book it for different art services.  I totally believe in Luisa and I know this will come true! I can’t wait to see her dreams come to reality! #BossBabe 


    Luisa opened up and shared that she moved to the United States as a teenager and she worked extremely hard to learn English and build her education. She persevered through these struggles and graduated with honors & received a full ride scholarship!  This is so impressive!  She stated “even though I couldn’t continue my education, I’ve learned a lot; I now strive to pass along the same determination to my daughter who is a strong & bright little lady.”  This is so awesome, Luisa is so intelligent and she is a true inspiration to everyone and I know her precious daughter is so happy to have Luisa as her mother! unnamed-4 I asked Luisa if what she is doing now, what she always wanted to do growing up? She replied “I’ve always loved art but I never thought I would see myself doing it full time. I have been blessed enough to have the support of people around me to make it possible. Without them, I would not be here. Life works in mysterious ways and it has taken me on quite a ride, but I am where I need to be now.”  I love how confident Luisa is, it is so inspiring to be around a woman who is confident in her craft and is ready to soar!  If Luisa could go back in time and speak to herself when she was a child she would tell herself “It gets better, loosen up a little bit. Your family will always be there. You are smart, lovable, and what you’re going through will give you much more than you can imagine. Keep on sketching.”   

Below are some of my favorites pieces from Luisa’s art collection, she is so unbelievably talented! #CreativelyLinked

Luisa’s favorite quote is: 

No Mud, No Lotus. 

-Luisa explained why: “this is where my appreciation of lotuses began. Lotuses grow through muddy water and rise above the surface. Blooming to become colorful, unique, and mesmerizing flowers. Same applies to life – we must go through the difficult times to get to the blooming moments.”


Luisa’s mission statement for her life is: 

It is my mission in life to become the best me. To never lose sight of who I am making sacrifices for. To live a life that will set my daughter in the right path to make her own decisions. To inspire and empower others through art, love, and support.


Fun facts about Luisa

  • What skill would you like to master? “Hyperrealism. I would love to advance my skills to create photo realism through my paintings and drawings. Painting people always feels like I’m going through their life stories during the process. The eyes tell so much! I would love to be able to do their portraits justice.”
  • If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with your extra time? “I would spend more time with my loved ones and create more art.”
  • Who is really inspiring you lately? “I have so many wonderful admiring women in my life. Starting with my mother and my sister. I am lucky to know and interact with so many empowering women. Each of them inspire me in a unique, incomparable way.”


     It was such an honor to interview Luisa and it was so wonderful getting to know her better!  Luisa is such a sweet, talented, intelligent and gorgeous young woman! If  you ever need anything art Luisa is your girl! She can do it all and you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to have a paint party with her and to have her create a custom art piece for my home one day! Luisa is undoubtebly Creatively Linked!


Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 6.56.09 PM Website: azlotusART


Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 6.59.57 PM

Instagram: @azlotusart

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 7.01.23 PM

Facebook : azlotusart

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