The dream that started it all….

    Welcome back friends! This week I decided to share something very important & personal to me. Back on September 27, 2013 I had a dream that literally shook my world for the better and I will never forget it! It was such an awakening experience and I am excited & eager to share it with you.  I am so glad that when I woke up that morning after the dream I took time to write it down; if not I wouldn’t have remembered every little detail that really makes the story amazing! Sometimes I take a couple minutes to go back and read it and I still get goosebumps every time.  Please make sure you read until the end as I explain what the dream meant to me and also there is an awesome music video at the end of the post!  Now go grab your snacks and enjoy! ♥

D R E A M 

    In my dream I remember being in a crazy New York street with cars speeding by, I could feel the wind hitting my face from how fast they were driving. There were hundreds of people all on the street, walking, talking living their every day lives and I just remember being engulfed in all the commotion.  I remember looking around and being surrounded by tons of tall buildings.  For some odd reason I had a feeling that this was the beginning of the end of the world (you know in dreams where nothing can even happen but you just have an overwhelming feeling take over your mind?) That’s what I experienced in that moment; shortly after that a man’s voice then started speaking to the crowd (I never saw the face of the man speaking). When I heard the voice I could tell it was God, he was talking to all of the people around and he said to the crowd “I can tell who is a believer just by the way you are standing, I can tell by your body language, some of you stand here with sore feet but when I look at the ground you are on there is nothing that would cause that pain”. When He said this I remember looking down at the ground and at my feet. I also began looking around at the people, I was only able to see bodies and no faces. Then God said “who ever believes in me cross this street”. I then heard in the crowd people saying “what is he talking about?” “huh?” I began to think about this and I noticed some other people getting ready to cross the busy and quite scary street. I told my self “well I believe in Him, I am going to cross”.  I walked to the edge of the street and I closed my eyes and started to cross the street with speeding cars zooming by.  As I was crossing the street I began saying “I believe in you God, I give it all to you Lord.”   All the sudden as I am walking there is no longer a street, the noise is gone and I realize I am still alive and have not gotten hit by a car. I was so relived and in that same moment God began to talk to me and He started taking me to memories in my life.  My life flashed before my eyes.  He was taking me to different times in my life that were happy and filled with love and joy.  Every time He took me to certain time in my life he said “Sabrina remember what it felt like to feel this loved, or happy? That is what heaven feels like everyday!” While he was taking me to all these memories of my life I began to cry, not because of sadness but because of pure joy! I was in awe,  I couldn’t believe this was happening to me and  that I was actually in God’s presence. I remember just having an overwhelming feeling of happiness, love and pure peace! It was literally unexplainable. I woke up from the dream just feeling shock and I knew I had to write this down so I wouldn’t forget. I remember that day just feeling different,  I couldn’t get over the experience and having a tiny glimpse into God’s immense love for each and every one of us.

bible verse

      After thinking about this dream and replaying it in my head over and over again I symbolized this dream as the end of the world and as I crossed the street my faith was being tested. I believe the street symbolized the journey and transition into heaven, but after sharing this with many other people everyone had something different that they thought it meant. This was so beautiful to me because even though I experienced the dream other people took something else out of it that related to their life as well. God definitely speaks to everyone differently and that is so amazing.

     I believe when God said “some of you stand here with sore feet but when I look at the ground you are on there is nothing that would cause that pain” he was saying that there are people who always complain and act like they have it hard but in God’s eyes they are blessed and should not be acting or feeling this way.   I feel that God was speaking directly to me, I  will admit I have been this person before in my life. I have been one to complain over things that are just ridiculous and I constantly work on this. I know He was telling me to not be negative and to always be grateful for every blessing I have on this earth because we are only here for a short period of time. I also feel that God was letting me know not to be afraid and to give it all to Him and He will protect me in all things.Image-1

     In addition to this beautiful dream there were a couple other amazing things that truly showed me this was God. That same day I had called my dad to tell him about my dream and he told me while I was reading the dream to him he got goose bumps many times because at the same time I had my dream (5:10 am) he was reading the bible and was reading about the end days. This couldn’t have just been a coincidence! I had also realized that this day was my Grandmother’s birthday, all these things mean something important and I am still learning and taking away new things from this experience. This dream was such a rare and significant moment in my life and I have been forever changed by this. I know to some I may seem crazy for sharing my dream but I just felt that the Lord has been calling me to share this with whoever will read it so why not on my blog? & thats the beauty of having your own blog 🙂 you can share whatever you want on it.

what do dreams mean?

    If you only take one thing away from this please let it be known that you are loved by an amazing God & He cares for you beyond your comprehension!  He is here for you always and all we have to do is call on Him.  I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and I thank you again for taking time out to read about my dream.  Please take a moment to listen to this beautiful song by: Cory Asbury called Reckless Love. This song literally brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it, it does an amazing job of explaining God’s love for us (also it’s one of my favorite songs out right now as well!) 

One response to “The dream that started it all….”

  1. Brina, you are indeed a Child of God with such a Beautiful Soul..
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful Dream. Evidently what makes you so unique and special is your ability to share your story with each one of us and inspire us with your undeniable Wisdom and compassion for all.. You are truly a Beautiful Human Being💜


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