Spotlight of the Week- Symone

   Welcome back friends!  I am so happy you are here! This week I will be featuring the fabulous Symone! I met Symone around 4 or 5 years ago at our good friends house for a game night.  I remember thinking “this girl has got it going on & she is extremely gorgeous & sweet!” She is so funny & kind and her smile is contagous. That night we all had lots of laughs while playing board games & having some cocktails. I remember getting a little glimpse into her life and I could just tell that she was a positive person! I still to this day admire her spirit and strength! I am ecstatic to share her story with you all, so grab your snacks and enjoy!

   Symone is a young professional, she currently works in the child welfare system in the foster care/adoption realm.   unnamedShe is employed with one the biggest non-profit foster care agencies in Arizona as the Statewide Placement Coordinator. Symone explained what this title entails: “basically in a snippet, when a child is removed from a home they contact foster care agencies and we try our best to match the child in the most suitable home to fit their needs.  I currently cover 8 counties on my own.” Symone shared the aspects she loves about her job- “I love being able to meet our good families and hearing about why they choose to help these children. In a weird way I also get to hear about all those horrible stories that are happening to children. It is truly sad!  So it puts things in perspective for me in the world we live in today. Someone is always experiencing worse situations than me, so why not be grateful for what I have?”  Can you say #BOSSBABE!? This is such a hard field to work in and I know that first hand because I used to work in an adoption/foster care agency as well. This shows how strong Symone really is because I was only able to stay in that field for 1.5 years before I was pulling my hair out!  I give her so much credit and thank her so much for taking on such an important/stressful role in our community! Everyone reading this should take a moment & leave a comment on this post to thank her for taking on such an critical job to help the beautiful children of Arizona, her heart is huge! 


When I asked Symone what her creative talent was she replied “talents? Yikes, I often think about what my talent is. But the truth is, I think I am among the majority that has many mini talents that make me who I am. I would like to think of myself as a hard working basic mama. I am OVERLY punctual to places, it’s so ridiculous and I love to shop for bargains. If those can classify me as being talented, lol than we are on the right track. No but really, I think me overall being good at little things make me talented in itself. Accepting this has been a journey.”  This is so awesome to hear, as many women feel they are not talented but when they take some time to reflect they can always think of something. Talents don’t always need to be the typical writer, dancer singer, etc. ; even though those things are amazing, it shouldn’t take away from someone being talented in other every day things. I would say being a mother is a huge talent in its self! Mother’s are one of the most important things on this earth & and as you all know without mother’s our world just wouldn’t work! “Who run the world? Girls!” Also I believe being punctual is a huge indicator of great character & who doesn’t like bargains! If you have a skill in that you are set for life! 🙂  So I would definitely say Symone is beyond talented! #CreativelyLinked. 

    unnamed-3Symone is an inspiration to me not only due to everything I have already shared but she opened up a lot during this interview, and I truly appreciate it! Opening up and sharing your story is not an easy task and when someone does it truly warms my heart!  She shared that her journey to accept who she is has been a roller coaster of emotions. “I struggle with being insecure at times, I always second guess anything that I do. I constantly wonder if my confidence in things was right, wrong, cocky, or a humbled experience.” I asked Symone to share how she has overcame this, because I know I do the same all the time and I am sure there are many more women who do it as well. She shared some great wisdom “honestly accepting who I am is an everyday learning curve lol.  No truly it is! Some days more than others. Something just clicked for me when I turned about 19 or 20. I just was at a point where I was exiting that young women stage and entering the womanly stage.  I was raised by a single mother who worked harder than anyone I knew and still does till this day. She had the worst luck with men, they were just trash. My mom had just got divorced from I guess my “step dad” and I was trying to give her compliments and encourage her that she could do this on her own. I mean she had since the time my brothers and I were born. Well that day she couldn’t do it, she couldn’t find the strength and I just thought for the first time ever that she was not this superhuman person that can always pull it together. She was human, she had fallen emotionally low and that was okay. But for me that day I knew that it was okay to be weak, it was okay to feel those emotions. BUT I also learned and still tell my girlfriends that “it’s okay to feel that sh**, cry if you need to, sulk, and hate that moment. But don’t you dare stay there. You keep that faith and fire inside of you. Learn from that moment and keep it pushing.  That moment was key to me accepting peace; I may not be perfect, but there is always something about me that I will love. I mean we are beautifully & wonderfully made!”  Wow, I seriously love this! What a great story to share and I am so grateful Symone shared this! I know there is someone out there who needs to read this and be encouraged! I love how Symone has explained that it is ok to feel our emotions but eventually you need to move on and take control of your life; this is incredible advice!

   Symone’s mission statement for her life is:

-OWN WHO YOU ARE. Be grateful for the simple things in life. Maintain your faith, no one can take that away.

Symone’s favorite quote is:

-“If you don’t think you don’t have any blessings, remember your heart is still beating.”


She added: “I am a firm believer that with that beat in your chest that your life has purpose. So keep going, for yourself and that other person who needs you as their blessing.”

unnamed-2 copy
I asked Symone to share some of her best & favorite accomplishments, she replied “man, my best accomplishment thus far has been marrying the most patient, loving, humble man and raising our beautiful son together. Can you see my smile through that? Lol no really, I truly can look back and see where God was meticulously setting up the pieces for these two blessings. It truly makes my heart happy and I am so grateful. Also, being the first in my family to graduate from college and buying a home!” #GOALS

Fun Facts about Symone

  • Symone’s current goals are to eventually to go back to school for her masters  and hone in on one talent and make it a business. YOU GO GIRL!!
  • If Symone could speak to her younger self what advice would she have given? She stated she would’ve shared to take the time to save her money at an earlier age, attended a community college first before a university, and pushed herself to be more involved when attending ASU.  She also would’ve shared to herself to not date anyone in high school and enjoy all it has to offer! Life is all about lessons learned and there is a reason for everything!
  •  If Symone created a book about herself it would be about owning who she is with all the mistakes she made & there would be a twist on humor & being 100% real of course!
  • She loves to read, if she didn’t have to sleep she would spend it reading. She stated “knowledge is power.”
  •  If Symone could master any skill in the world she would want to master being 100% confident in herself; in every aspect of my life. 
  • I asked her is what she is doing now what she always wanted to do growing up? She replied “growing up, at the age of 6 I could’ve sworn I was going to be a model haha. The whole 5’3 thing and my love for food failed me. I always knew that I would be helping people some way some how though. My mom raised us to always help those in need. So being a social worker has been fitting for me.” 

     Symone’s last words to share with you all reading this is “I truthfully am a Basic Mama. I continue my journey of self love every day. I want to encourage you other women to do the same. You don’t have to be the make-up gurus, trend setting fashionistas, that seem to have everything perfect. Hey, if you are then great! You go girl because I am probably stalking your page as we speak. But If you aren’t then that’s okay. Be who you are and Rep that sh**! With so much love thank you for reading a little about me. Follow me on Instagram: if you want to see my cutie son and handsome hubby.”

    My interview with Symone was definitely a wonderful experience and I am so glad I could learn more about her and share her story with you all!  I am sure by now you have already followed her on social media & fell in love with her! Symone is a stunning, sweet, wise, courageous & hilarious woman and she is definitely Creatively Linked! ♥


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