How to Give your 2018 a Fresh Start!

   Happy New Year lovely’s!  I still can’t believe how fast 2017 came and went and now we are in 2018!  What a year! I can speak for my self in saying this past year has been full of ups & downs but always full of blessings! I hope your year was full of blessings, laughter and happiness and I hope for the same in 2018! 

      I wanted to share a challenge for you all this new year! Lets make this year all about SPREADING LOVE, PROGRESSING & OPEN TO CHANGE!  Progress doesn’t come without change; and with change comes much progress! It is a win win! I know first hand I am hesitant to accept change but in order to achieve my goals I know I must become best friends with it!  This is never easy but it is always worth it!

 ♥ 5 simple steps to start the year off fresh & focused ♥: 

  1. Clear your mind from all the junk of last year (stress, drama, worries, ect. )
  2. Say goodbye to all the self doubt & negative thoughts of last year & promise to love yourself. 
  3. Pull out a blank piece of paper and write out all your goals.
  4. Read through your goals and see which ones truly require you to make a huge change in your life.
  5. I challenge you to work towards that one first! (Even baby steps are better than no steps!)


 If you follow these steps I promise things will change in your life and I am certain it will be for the better! I read a quote the other day and I shared it on my Instagram: @Creatively_Linked_  

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it life”

– Unknown

    That really struck a cord with me because I feel like as we get older we get comfortable with just doing the same things; & the only thing we look forward to is the weekend’s. We need to learn to look at every day as a gift and take advantage of it because life is so short. We must take chances & challenge ourselves in order to grow!

image1 copy

    I hope these words give you a little boost to be the best you can be this 2018! 

♥Sabrina Rose

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