Spotlight of the Week- Kiersten

    I would like to introduce the Spotlight of the Week, Kiersten! This gorgeous young woman is full of amazing talents and her heart is as pure as gold! Her story is nothing short of amazing and I can only hope this post will shed some light on her and her story. Kiersten is an amazing & captivating dancer and a creative director; lets just say she loves everything & anything artistic!  12009836_10153133427379562_5238188316152397749_n

    Kiersten has had some incredible accomplishments such as being able to dance for the NBA and WNBA for over 4years! She has been in commercials, videos, and on many big stages.  All of these things have been great accomplishments for Kiersten but one that sticks with her is when she spent two years touring as an urban missionary with BreakDown International. She was able to share her testimony through her gift of dance to over 30,000 children nationwide.  Kiersten stated “nothing compares to using my gifts to share the love of God and hope!” She now is currently serving as an urban missionary through Elevate International where her “job” is to continue reaching people through her gift of dance. Kiersten stated “I get to wake up every day knowing I am doing what I was born to do; & what God purposed me to do!”  Even and Lecrae’s record label Reach Records have both written stories about Kiersten’s journey!  This girl is a star & the sky is the limit, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her in the future! #BOSSBABE #GIRLBOSS #WOMANOFGOD

   Kiersten is human even though it may not seem like it  lol #WonderWoman;  but she has fears and doubts that flood her mind just like all of us. Her fears in all her artistic areas were (and she states she still fights against) that she would never be good enough. Kiersten went a step further and explained her fears on dance and artistic directing.

  • Kiersten’s fear on DANCE and how she overcame it:  “While most dancers start training classically with the aide of great teachers around the age of three years old, I didn’t start until the 8th grade when I was able to participate in my Junior High dance program. My older cousins use to make me dance for our family in our living rooms but I never had any formal training. So, when I finally started dance classes I constantly compared myself to other dancers and always felt a step or three behind. I was more naturally a hip-hop or urban mover so technique was a struggle and still is a struggle for me today. I never had the best flexibility or the amazing technique but I did have the heart. It took me awhile to get over my doubts but I finally did. I ended up pursuing dance in college and went on to start a professional career.”
  • Kiersten’s  fear on ARTISTIC DIRECTING & how she overcame it:  “As a young child I use to write plays and rally up my friends in my apartments to play the roles I had written out while using my parents cam recorder to film. I’ve always had an artistic heart. More recently over the past couple of years I’ve had the ability to step back into that childhood desire of directing. I didn’t study film in school or even keep up with it much growing up so in the back of my mind I have this enemy-thought, “your not experienced enough or creative enough to make anything good.” But, I know that is nothing short of a lie. God placed these gifts inside of me. I can not over come these fears without stepping out and doing! I do have the responsibility to cultivate these gifts and that will only come if I decide to silence that enemy-thought and keep pushing, keep creating.”

    Kiersten couldn’t have said it any better, you must silence the self doubt and let your confidence scream louder!  Please go out and follow your dreams and share your talents & heart with the world; the world needs it!

   Her current goals in life are to open a school specifically for artists who want to cultivate their craft and dig deeper in the Word of God. Through this school she would like people to not only be more skilled artistically but equipped spiritually to empower the world through their art. Kiersten shared that she has already experienced a start to this goal at her current job. She stated “I have been blessed with the opportunity to start to create and participate in these opportunities through my job as an urban missionary and program coordinator for Elevate International. God is working it all out!”

     Kiersten is extremely passionate about young people, and specifically dis-advantaged youth having access to quality arts programs in the United States & abroad.  She would love to reach the world through the arts.   She dreams of being able to continue traveling the world with a team of creatives to share the love of God through their artistic gifts.  She would also like to be able to send out creative arts teachers to residencies in low-income areas here in the states and in other countries as well. She stated “something so amazing to me is the power of art, no matter where you go in the world, art is a part of every culture, especially dancing! ” -2 copy     If time travel was around and Kiersten was able to speak to her younger self she would tell herself “you are chosen by God and His selection is all the approval you need! Be confident in who He created you to be and NEVER let people tell you otherwise. Don’t let fear hinder you from giving your dreams every fiber of effort. It will be hard and tough but if you can press through and work hard, DON’T PROCRASTINATE! I promise you will reap the reward of your perseverance. Oh and don’t date guys who don’t love Jesus! lol ”

    If a stranger heard Kiersten’s music playlist they would say, she is an old soul with funky taste, and she must be a dancer!  She stated “I enjoy music that speaks life and truth or that just makes you feel it in your soul. Although, there possibly may be one or two really ratchet songs lingering in my library somewhere.. 🙂  lol”

Kiersten’s favorite quote is: 

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

–MLK Jr.

I asked Kiersten what her mission statement is and she stated it was:

to die spent. At my funeral I want people to be able to say, “she never held anything back! Not love, not time, not money, not talent, not faith, nothing. She loved God and she loved people and it was evident in how she lived her life with a heart of servitude”

    Kiersten’s last words for her interview were “Although I am the most joyous I’ve ever been, my journey has not and is not easy. I’ve had to give up a lot of things, deal with a lot of hurt and disappointment even from people I thought loved and supported me, simply because they don’t understand my journey. It is a scary thing you know, trusting God with EVERYTHING! As an urban missionary I depend on the generosity of others to do what I do for a living, which means technically I really never know if I’ll have a “job” from one month to the next. But, one thing I know is that God is faithful, and He may not do things how we expected or when we want, but He is ALWAYS on time with a better plan then we could’ve ever imagined. Do not let this world convince you of what you are, let God tell you and then run with it! He has so much in store for you, just trust Him! I promise you the adventure is well worth it!”  Wise words from a wise soul, thank you Kiersten.
    Kiersten is such an amazing light to the world and she is one of the most genuine, loving and disciplined woman I know.   She has helped so many children, young adults & adults around the world, including myself.  I can’t explain how happy I am that I was able to share a small part of her story with you all! Kiersten is CREATIVELY LINKED! #CreativelyLinked

If you would like to check out some of the links and interviews on Kiersten mentioned in this feature they are listed below.


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