Spotlight of the Week- Patrice

     Happy Memorial Day everyone, I would like to take a moment to thank all of the brave  men & women who risked their lives for our freedom, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
     This week’s spotlight goes to the funny, talented and beautiful Patrice aka Pattie Rizzo!  This lovely lady is such a light, her energy is mesmerizing and I am so happy and excited to welcome her to the Creatively Linked family!  
Patrice is a triple threat she is an actress, dancer & writer; and her driving force is from Jesus!   Some of her best accomplishments have come from her creative talents. She has been blessed with being able to create/write her own content, and she has seen it reach people all over; she stated this is the best feeling in the world! It gives her a sense that she can actually hear God, and that He is really down to use her in her career! The second thing Patrice is proud of is staying true to herself and her quirks! She stated “It can be so easy to adapt to the perfection trap. Especially, living in LA. But I’m thankful for the the fact that I have found what makes me, me… and latched on tight to it!” I love to hear that Patrice has always stayed true to herself because there is no one like her and I am so glad to have met such a beautiful soul! Lastly but not least Patrice was booked in a very large Super Bowl XLIX National Commercial slot right after Katy Perry preformed at the halftime show! Patrice was able to witness and live this moment with her LA family by her side.  She stated she was on such a natural and amazing high in this moment and she knew she had made her family proud.
        When I asked Patrice if she had any fears before starting her journey she replied” I was terrified that I was way too old to be starting a career in the arts. I had been going to school for 3 years, switching my major 3 times. From a Business degree that changed to International Development with a focus on Real Estate, which again, morphed into a Real Estate license; I had no idea what I wanted to do! I was almost 23, my friends were graduating with Bachelors degrees, and here I was, about to make my way to LA with nothing to show of my love post High School.” Patrice’s 2nd fear was not knowing where her talent was supposed to come from! All she knew was that God had said to drop everything, and pursue a life in the arts for the benefit of His children. She listened and and has accomplished some amazing things; & we are so happy she followed her heart and goals!  She is a testament that it is never too late to start anything your heart truly desires!
       Patrice’s current goal is to be MAJOR! She wants to be a huge influencer of change and awareness in this world. She wants people to be able to love what she does and how she makes them feel enough to be inspired to take a look at who they are, what they value, and who the giver of life is! She stated “I want to be such a force of positivity that I’m like the plug for the dopeness that is Jesus!” Creatively Linked loves this drive that Patrice has and a direct message to PATRICE is; YOU ARE ALREADY MAJOR! #BOSSBABE, #GIRLBOSS!
        I like to ask the women I feature if they could go back in time and speak with their younger self what would they tell themselves? Patrice replied with “Follow Jesus, and do what you love! Don’t be afraid to reach your potential. You and God can handle every moment of success, and everything that comes with it.” 

Patrice’s favorite quote is: 

  “She sets about her work vigorously. She strengthen her arms … Strength and Honor are her clothing. She smiles at the future.” – Proverbs 31:25

She went a step further and explained what this quote truly means to her: “this tells me; She’s a BOSS. She’s in shape.  She values honor and dignity, and carries herself with such.  She is full of hope and peace and trust in the Lord when she thinks of the things to come. She’s everything I want to be!” 

Patrice’s mission statement for her life is: 

“To always make people feel heard, seen, and loved. – I know how it feels not to feel those things. And when I finally found my confidence, I vowed that I would never be the reason another person felt any less than anyone else. These small things can really change a persons life! “– Pattie Rizzo

        If a stranger heard Patrice’s favorite playlist right now, she would be described as Millennial who can’t decide if she wants to compose movie scores with Hans Zimmer, or fight the power with Solange and Kendrick! hahah 🙂 Patrice is VERY passionate about music! She stated “I want to start singing, and I don’t want anyone to hear me, hahaha! I honestly don’t even want people to know it’s me. I would love to go to a studio and just vibe. Sit with some instruments, and create worship people have never heard before! But I have no idea how to get started, or when I’ll have the time.” 

          Lastly I asked Patrice to provide any closing words for her interview and she replied with “This life ain’t easy, living with Jesus doesn’t make life pain free. Even if that’s living with Jesus in a glamorized city like Los Angeles. No matter what amount of followers, money, movies, friends, clothes, or lovers a person has; nothing can compare to the love, peace and hope that Jesus provides when all the good things hit the fan. We’ve got to live with a eternal mindset. Everything else fades away.” 

        Patrice’s story and talents are so worth being talked about and I hope you enjoyed getting to know her a little better! Patrice is definitely CREATIVELY LINKED!

If you would like to view the commercial Pattie Rizzo was featured in click here: #likeagirl

Instagram: @Pattie_Rizzo image1

-Visit Pattie Rizzo hilarious YouTube channel.

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♥ We are linked together forever because we are women. We must stand tall, never fall, we must be synced for we are Creatively Linked! ♥


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